WELCOME. My name is Khalilah Purnell, but my friends call me Kay. Thank you in advance for your support. May GOD bless you. 


Khalilah H. Purnell

My passion for writing Poetry began in middle school when American Poet Sonia Sanchez visited my school and read, from then on, the passion never changed. I always said that I would get my first book published when I resided in the beautiful state of Washington. I live by the notion and saying (which is a tattoo on my side) that "My words are God's gift of music to me." Music is Poetry in so many ways, which I have also been able to write just for the fun of it, pretty much to know that I could do it sitting and listening to instrumentals. I wrote a song for my sister years ago for fun, but we enjoyed rehearsing it in the studio. Fun times. I used to dream of being behind the scenes for music artists and being a ghostwriter. Boy, the dreams we have as children!

As I grew up, I always knew that it was my duty to ensure that my words would be more than just chapters of my life, but also that my words would help to change others who were able to relate to my experiences and in hopes of saving a life someday, so imagine my surprise all of these years that my first book would be a book of poetry, that truly gave a voice to so many others, words that the world needed to hear in order to understand for some, and for others, for them to be able to finally be heard. Putting out the book "Voiceless Voices" was God's idea and the steps ordered. I followed. 

 I am a proud mother of 1. She is my everything. My motivation is to not fail and to continue moving forward and keeping her motivated within her own life endeavors and to ensure that my legacy and what I do now outlives me. I am the oldest of 5 children (on my father's side), and the oldest out of my brother and me (We have the same mother and father). My dream is to be able to break the cycles over my family before I was born, and to create new ones, upgraded ones, and to someday be in a position to break the cycles of Lack, not only in my family, but also in the communities, and to not only break them, but maintain it. 

I have been afforded the ability to graduate from college and to earn my Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology, I have also earned my associate degree in Criminal Justice. I decided to use my degree, in addition to my passion and love for people and changing the trajectories, as well as my skills and love for leadership, to bring to the forefront and advocate for the issues plaguing our families and communities daily and make it better while saving lives and being the voice for the voiceless.

I enjoy traveling (which I promised myself I would do more of beginning 2023), spending time with my daughter of course, youth and community outreach, writing, reading, working out, learning, smiling, laughing, being around great people, nature, comedy shows, arts and entertainment, of course, hearing a powerful word and lesson that I can apply to my life, but also share with others, watching a good movie, being a leader. One of the greatest things to me is knowing that a fear of speaking in front of people is conquerable, especially when it has always and still is a dream and passion filled with impact. I am presently on the journey to becoming a full vegan, and it is a very hard journey, but one that is worth it.