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🌟 Coming Soon: A Universe of Artistic Expression 🌟

Welcome to the anticipation of a creative journey like no other! Khalilah H. Purnell's Author Website is thrilled to unveil an array of captivating projects that will ignite your soul and amplify your purpose. 

Coming Soon by Khalilah H. Purnell

📚 "Reflections in Verse" Poetry Series Continues: Get ready for the next 8 volumes in the emotional tapestry of life. The eagerly awaited volumes of "Reflections in Verse" delve even deeper into the human experience, weaving emotions and experiences into an evocative symphony of words. Author Khalilah will release 2 volumes every month moving forward, until all 10-volumes have been released, as they continue to impact lives nationwide. 

Up Next: Volumes 3-4:

Reflections in Verse, Volume 4: Soulful Steps Release Date: September 2, 2023

Tears On The Pavement Release Date September 2, 2023


🎬 Two Inspiring Movies: Brace yourself for cinematic experiences that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. "City Noise" (Inspired by the increase of Gun Violence in the City of Philadelphia, and the loss of the Author's cousin) and "The Thorns of a Rose Unfold" (inspired by my book "Thorns of A Rose: Pain to Purpose) are powerful tales inspired by true events, exploring the triumphs and tribulations that shape our lives.

City Noise BookReleasing December 2023 (movie coming 2024)

 Eyes Wide Shut, Trust Turns into TragedyReleasing January 31, 2024
Stage Play "Shattering Silence" (based on the book "Eyes Wide Shut") Opening Night, TBD
All Fun & Games till Someone Gets Hurt Book Release, October 2023. Movie coming 2024

💼 Introducing KayP Clothing Company (named after the Author): Our exclusive merch brand, "Keep Amplifying Your Purpose." Embrace your unique journey with stylish apparel that embodies resilience, growth, and the power of purpose. 

Let's embark on this journey together, where the arts become a canvas for healing, storytelling, and empowerment. As the countdown begins, prepare to be moved, inspired, and awakened by the magic of creativity.

Join me in celebrating the unfolding of these projects that are crafted with love, purpose, and the burning desire to make a difference. Together, we will illuminate the world with the brilliance of art and the strength of unity.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure.

With love and gratitude, Khalilah H. Purnell