MOVIE COMING 2025 (faith-based)

In a close-knit community, two families find themselves at a crossroads, torn between the allure of destructive behaviors and the hope of redemption. "Conflicted" tells the intertwined stories of the Jones and Ramirez families, each grappling with their own demons and seeking a path to a better life.

The Jones family is led by Caleb, a once promising young, athlete, who is addicted to alcohol, and accused of rape when he was a young teenager, trying to go straight, and his wife Makayla, who struggles with suffering from her own past trauma of molestation, and dealing with the anger of her husband and his verbally abusive behavior. They are determined to provide a stable, loving home for their teenage son Isaiah and young daughter Teyana, but the shadows of their past continually threaten to pull them back into a world of violence and chaos.

Across town, the Ramirez family faces its own trials. Josh, a former gang member trying to go straight, and his wife Maya, a stripper, suffering from his abusive behavior, but also her past addiction to sex and leaving the pole for good. Their daughter Adriana dreams of escaping the cycle of violence through her love of music, but she is caught between her loyalty to her family and her desire for a different future.

As the two families' lives intersect through a community outreach program led by Pastor Canaan Moore and Imam Rahim, both men with their own troubled histories, they each confront the harsh realities of their choices. Through moments of despair, hope, and unexpected grace, "Conflicted" explores the transformative power of faith and the struggle to overcome the past.

In a poignant climax, the characters must make pivotal decisions that will either set them free or seal their fates. With a focus on the strength found in community and the enduring hope for redemption, "Conflicted" is a powerful narrative about the human capacity for change and the heart's reflection in one's life choices.